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The Innovation and Future of National Infrastructure

Forum II: The Innovation and Future of National Infrastructure

“National Cheng Kung University’s Successful Track of Nearly a Century” Series

Date: Sep. 30th, 2021                Time: 14:30-17:00


Mr. Ou, Chin-Der

Chairman, Chi Po-Lin Foundation

Mr. Ou, Shan-Hwei

Emeritus Professor, National Cheng Kung University

Mr. Lin, Horng-Nan

Senior Advisor, China Steel Corporation

Venue: NCKU Future Venue, Shengli Campus, No.1, Univeristy Rd., Tainan City 701

Organizers: COE of NCKU, Innovation Headquarters of NCKU, and Alumni Association Center of NCKU

Co-organizer: NCKU Research and Development Foundation

Attendance at the Forum is free of charge.

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